Frog Juice

Product Code: FROG4
Price: $5.99

Our all new frog Juice !!!A special blend of all natural frog and fish oils,this stuff is just plain awesome,You can use it on your topwater,diving and swiming frogs,worms,crankbaits,its a all natural frog oil blend made from real frogs.Think about it,all the scents we know up to now have been fish based scents made from fish oils and fish parts or crawdads and crawdad oil,we think its about time to take the scents to a new level and give the frog the respect it deserves,weve tested this frog sauce and all I can tell you is it will change the way you look at the fish scents we have today,It out fished the leading fish scent 3 to1 on our local lakes and in some other states,I think we are really on to something  with this product!!!No one we know has this and is even close to having it,be the first one to have the all new Frog Juice !!!