Hawg Sauce

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Dear Sir:

I have been bass fishing since the mid-sixties, and have tried or used about everything on the market. I recently purchased a 2 oz bottle of your hawg sauce, not so much for use as an attractant but with the thought in mind for a cover sent. I am unfortunately a smoker. I fish a number of lakes in this area of Kansas, however, on this occasion I was fishing a small (1 ½) acre farm pond. The first trip I did fairly well, primarily using a Bagley Killr B 2 with the Hawg Sauce, and a Culprit 7.5 worm treated with the attractant MegaStrike. I noticed the Hawg Sauce seemed to outperform the MegaStrike, however, it could have been attributed to the different lures and presentations.

After a bass tore up a Culprit worm with the MegaStrike, I applied the Hawg Sauce to next worm and had far better results with it. As I have been bass fishing a long time, I was favorable to the seemly improved results of the Hawg sauce, but not quite convinced that it had made a significant difference.

The next trip to the same pond, my girlfriend accompanied me. She is an avid Walleye fisherwoman from South Dakota, but not really a bass fisherman. Without elaborating to her on the testing, I tied identical killr b 2s on our lines and we began fishing. First, I noticed the crappie were killing the Bagley B2 with the Hawg sauce applied, which it is not unusual to catch one or two, but to catch 8 in a row on a crank bait, is very unusual. The bass catch was 11 to 1 in favor of the Hawg sauce applied B2. Hmmmm! It seems your product not only works, and but works better than any and all I have tried since the attractants hit the market back in the 70s. I think you have something here, so I purchased a 4 oz bottle to continue usingit,heres a pic of the big crappie.


Richard Courson